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The Incredible Hulk - Out of Control Cut


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Fanedit Film Name
: The Incredible Hulk – Out of Control Cut

Brief Synopsis: This edit adds almost 30 minutes of deleted scenes to improve character development and story.

Firstling Name: QuickCut

Original Film Name: The Incredible Hulk

Studio Name: Universal Studios

Genre: Superheroes

Fanedit Type: Extended Edition

Original Running Time: 112 min.

Original Release Date: 2008

Fanedit Running Time: 140 min.

Fanedit Release Date: 2012

Amount of Time Cut: 28 min. added

: to fill out the story and develop the characters more by inserting nearly a half an hour of deleted scenes.

Edit Details: 18 deleted scenes were restored. Some new music was added and some scenes were rearranged to allow for the insertion of the scenes. Some minor bits of the theatrical were cut for the same reason. Some color correction was done to make everything match up nicely – it’s not perfect, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Added alternate opening
Added Blonsky and Ross talking in the plane and to the general
Added extended conversation between Blonsky and Ross
Added Bruce talking to Stanley
Added Leonard meeting Bruce
Added extended conversation between Bruce and Betty
Added dinner scene
Added Betty showing Bruce the flower
Added Betty and Leonard hugging in their bedroom
Added Bruce talking to Leonard in the morning
Added Bruce and Betty talking on the college campus
Rearranged several scenes to accommodate the inserting of these scenes:
Bruce and Betty talking after Bruce realizes his pulse rate is going up too high
Extended scene of Ross watching the news
Extended scene of Ross talking to the soldier
Added conversation in the plane before Blonsky becomes Abomination
Added extended conversation between Betty and Thunderbolt
Added final phone conversation between Betty and Leonard
Moved the scene with Tony Stark to after the credits. We now end with Bruce’s Hulk-out.
Added “The Incredible Hulk: Out of Control Cut” to the credits

Special Notes/Thanks: Thank you especially to bionicbob, revel911, FoolsFollowing, asocialjester, and DominicCobb for previewing my workprint. Thanks to revel911 for giving me tips on color correction. Thanks to Neglify and juice4z0 for help with render settings. Thanks to BladeRunner391 for watching and approving.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the In-the-Works thread: njvc, Frantic Canadian, Whispers, Gaith, Neglify, Dwight Fry, bondukkevin, Kal-El, FoolsFollowing, Emphatic, steelio2006, bionicbob, TV’s Frink, Ripplin, Sunarep, Throwgncpr, revel911, LastSurvivor, DominicCobb, asocialjester, Devastator138, jswert123456, Delpheas, WyndorfDave, Uncanny Antman, and havok1977.

Whew. Thank you, everybody, for the suggestions and support.

Technical Info: Ripped with Aiseesoft Blu-ray Ripper

Edited with Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum Production Suite 11

DVD Built with DVD Architect Studio 5

Zipped up with WinRAR

Release Information: SL DVD, DL DVD, BD, AVI

Special Features: Trailers (BD)

Deleted Scenes (DL & BD)

Cover Art

There was mention by others how the audio seemed off in some of the new scenes because it was lacking background news (specifically the helicopters) .... was that added in?
revel911 said:
There was mention by others how the audio seemed off in some of the new scenes because it was lacking background news (specifically the helicopters) .... was that added in?

Yes. :)
The Incredible Hulk: Out of Control Cut is a HUGE imrovment over the original. Although it was significantly longer than the theatrical release, it is ultimately far more entertaining, thought provoking, and closer to the director's original cut of the film.

Plot: The new scenes fill in small gaps in the story and improves characterization, pacing, and corrects numerous plot holes from the original. The deleted scenes also provide key exposition that helps the viewer understand the narrative far better.

Image Quality: Quickcut has done a nice job of cleaning up the deleted scenes. Although it's not perfect, the quality didn't detract too much from the edit. The rest of the film looked stellar as well.

Audio Quality: The deleted scene's audio is near perfection. There are some minor hiccups, like the scene where Ross and Blonsy talk, but I am convinced Quickcut couldn't have done anything about it. Overall, it sounded great!

Difference from the original: As stated above, the added scenes drastically alter the tone, characters, and pacing. The film was overall slower paced, but they enhance the film to new heights. It's a wonder why the studio executives ordered these scenes cut in the first place, they were perfect!

Overall Presentation: The menus were quite simple, with a nice scene selection and artwork, plus Quickcut added a little music which I really liked!

Editing: Perfect! Everything flowed together seamlessly, and there were absolutely zero errors and minor distractions!

Entertainment: As stated above, the film is way longer and somewhat drags in the middle, but this is a much better film! I will definitely watch this edit again! Great work Quickcut! :)

Plot: 10/10
Audio Quality: 8/10
Image Quality: 9/10
Diference from the original: 8/10
Overall Presentation: 8/10
Editing: 10/10
Entertainment: 9/10

Overall, this rounds up to a total score of 9/10. Once again, Quickcut did an amazing job, and I can't wait to see his upcoming edits!

Cool. Congrats to QuickCut. Thread moved to Extended Editions section.

And I guess it's time to upload the DL, BD and AVI versions, eh?
Congratulations QuickCut!

Side note: I want to watch the final version, but I've been really busy lately so I'll just wait until its official release.
This was incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and now I really don't know why we've been subjected to that other version, having seen it this way, I can see why Leterrier and Norton were upset about the editing of the film. In the theatrical release I never understood why Leonard called Thunderbolt, this made it so much clearer and understandable.

The deleted scenes were inserted seemlessly, I would not have known there was new material if I hadn't just recently watched the other version for my pre-avengers marathon. The new material allows for so much more depth and character in the film. Marvel better not make the same mistake with Incredible Hulk 2 and give us a cut down version.

Wow!! BladeRunner, thanks for taking the time to watch!! :) And the positive review!! :) And the approval!! :) Glad you enjoyed it :) And yes, Neg, I now will be uploading the other formats :)
DL uploading now. Again, the DL and BD versions will come with more features that I couldn't fit on the SL :)

Thanks for the review Delpheas :)
QuickCut said:
Wow!! BladeRunner, thanks for taking the time to watch!! :) And the positive review!! :) And the approval!! :) Glad you enjoyed it :) And yes, Neg, I now will be uploading the other formats :)

Anytime! :)
Sorry, guys. BD's gonna be a few days - dang frame rate and frame blending and all kinds of frame problems :mad:

AVI coming soon.
Just watched this. It's excellent. It reveals such a compelling movie that this one seems like the original (which it actually is) and the theatrical cut plays like a bad fanedit (which it pretty much was).

However, I must mention a couple of technical/authoring issues. One is the video showing some kind of "jerky" effect in the movements that, while not as apparent as the ghosting I've encountered in other exports out there, it has a form of it. Most apparent during the closing credits, as this screenshot shows:


The video, however, is still very good and comfortable for the eyes overall, it's far from the usual eye-hurting ghosting effect. I guess it went wrong during the encode, I've had similar outputs in the past and I'm afraid I can't really offer a workaround. Maybe others will.

Now, to the audio. I seemed to notice it was overall a bit over-saturated and presented some static. So, I demuxed the DVD audio and loaded it on Audacity to see if the levels were as high as I suspected. They kind of were, but what I encountered was something unexpected, as the image below will reveal:


The tracks on display are, from top to bottom: Front left, front right, and center. The remaining ones looked very much like the center one (except for LFE, which didn't even have those slight bumps and seemed totally empty). So, what we basically have is a 2.0 mix enclosed in a 5.1 track, which means four blank tracks there eating up space. Did you edit on 2.0 or 5.1? And if it's like this, wouldn't it make more sense to release it with 2.0 audio?
Huh. I'm glad you liked the edit, but I'm sorry to hear about the technical problems - I watched the whole thing and I guess my eyes just aren't trained for that kind of thing. I had seven people watch and none of them mentioned it :-( Guess I'll have to get Dwight to preview my edits from now on ;-)

In terms of the audio, I edited in 2.0 but I guess the audio got rendered in 5.1. When I watched it on my setup, I had sound coming from all six speakers though, and I didn't notice any static, in fact it seemed pretty sharp to me. If it's that much of an issue, I can re-up and make sure the audio is in 2.0, but again, none of my previewers mentioned this either.

I appreciate you mentioning those issues, though, Dwight. I'm trying to decide whether a re-render is necessary, given that neither I or the other seven people who watched it noticed any of these things. However, I do also feel that if someone notices errors like this that I should fix them... I might need some help with figuring out the ghosting issue though.Thoughts?
This looks very promising. I'd love to have a version of Hulk 08 I can really enjoy.
Nic Sticinski said:
This looks very promising. I'd love to have a version of Hulk 08 I can really enjoy.
It is really good mate!
I'm just waiting for it to appear on the download page on fanedit.info so I can get to it!
I too am waiting for it to be released on the .info page as I would like to compare it to the workprint version...

Congrats Quick on the approval for this... I know it was a lot of work...

I'll be going with the DL version...
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