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The Mandalorian (2019)

^To be fair, I don't think Filoni is the one to pin this on. First and foremost is Kathleen Kennedy getting promoted, and moving ahead with this Star Wars connected movie universe mandate. Then when you look at the credits for this season, it's Jon Favreau's name all over the writing more than anyone else. But finally, producer Rick Fukuyama got promoted to EP for this season, and he's the one that has been pushing the narrative that Din Djarin isn't "the mandalorian" in the promotions for this season. Since Favreau was in charge of The Book of Boba Fett (as well as like 3 other things), and Filoni is working on Ahsoka, you have to imagine that Fukuyama was taking point on this season and overseeing overall production. I think his and Kennedy's promotions and Filoni having a different series to work on have been the biggest behind-the-scenes changes, which all happened right before this season.
I don’t really follow any of that BtS stuff. My gripe is more that it has moved into storylines that are directly from the Filoni animated world, which I just never cared for in the slightest. And I’ve tried. Multiple times! This season felt more like an animated season to me.

Edit: but to your point, it did seem as though Favreau was less enthused about things. I wonder if he was totally in control of those Fett episodes or if that was kind of forced on him. I think he genuinely likes Filoni so I do believe the storylines for season 3 would’ve moved this direction with or without Grogu. I also think Pascal likely wasn’t on set much this season. I noticed the crediting of his stunt double, which is unusual I would guess unless he was in costume most of the time.
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^I honestly try not to follow it too much either, just Favreau has been out on a lot of talk shows lately. He seemed to have a lot of faith in the season actually, responding to criticism of the season by saying the finale would be really emotional and everyone would be pleased after that. For me, it was good, but still doesn't have the feeling of the show. I know Favreau has become something of a holy idol since helping create this show, but people forget that he's had a very mixed track record. He's far from infallible.

As far as Filoni's characters, Ahsoka has always been his baby, and both she and Bo-Katan were brought into the show in Season 2, which everyone loved. I think Filoni is generally quite good at working in the broader universe stuff in a way that doesn't let it take over. It's just that sometimes the heads at Disney are demanding backdoor pilots. The last season of The Clone Wars was very guilty of that, piloting an animated Ahsoka series as well as The Bad Batch. It was obvious. On the other hand, her and Maul and many other characters' appearances in Rebels, where they were just used as part of the story, were much better and more organic.

I agree that Pascal probably wasn't even in the suit much of the time (he has like 5 credited stunt performers for the show) and honestly Favreau and Filoni were probably on set less of the time this season. It definitely felt like a bigger, broader, more studio-produced show than the smaller, auteur-driven beginnings that everyone loved. And as much as I really enjoyed many of the episodes - like the last two and the one about the Doctor - very few of them had the tone that the show began with. It felt at times like Andor, or OT Star Wars, or The Clone Wars. All of which I enjoyed, but I tune in to this show to see THE Mandalorian, not A Mandalorian.
I want to reiterate I am speaking of my own personal tastes. But I did not love season two the way many did. I liked a lot of it, but a lot of it was a mixed bag similar to season one. But unlike season one, I felt it didn’t come together in the end. I didn’t like the Bo Katan stuff in s2 and I really felt the Skywalker finale robbed the season of a true climax for these characters. I don’t follow all the Star Wars properties and I hate shit that makes you feel like you have to in order to feel the full impact of what’s going on. All the extended Mandalorian stuff and the Ashoka stuff (the Filoni stuff if I’m not mistaken) makes me feel like that. I understand that there are plenty of fans that love those characters and storylines and are happy to see the crossover. I just happen to not enjoy it.
^Yeah, each to their own. The Mandalorian Season 1 was about as standalone as you can get for the Star Wars universe, which has grown far and wide. I think that very much is part of the appeal, although I never really believed they would keep it completely disconnected from absolutely everything else in the Star Wars universe. The very nature of "baby Yoda" begs an explanation of the connection, and I think in and of itself justifies his home being with the last remaining Jedi. To me, it did not "rob" these characters, it was really the only finale true to them. In fact, I kind of felt like them walking back that ending and pairing the two up again was bowing to the pressure of mass commercial success.
For me, appearances from other characters/droids/races/places/items/etc are all well and good, and fun ways to show loyalty to big fans. It seems rather absurd to insist against them. The line of course is that they be introduced in a way that is organic to the story and doesn't feel like those characters have a whole other story happening off-screen before/after their appearance within an episode(s). I don't need to know more than The Mandalorian shows me about Luke Skywalker for example (as ridiculous as it is to assume someone knows nothing about such a pop culture icon). The show makes it plain what his role in this world is, and he's clearly a better match for Grogu. But of course there are many other appearances in the show where you may feel you need to know more about this character or that to really feel the impact of their story. Bo-Katan or Boba Fett, for example.
I can certainly see the argument, and everyone will have to feel for themselves where the line is on how intrusive a supporting role is. I think what most everyone can agree on though is that they'd love to see more stories with Mando and Grogu.
Or I guess maybe I'm wrong there and some people don't really like the characters enough and it really was all about that Lone Wolf & Cub setup...
I mostly agree with you. I’m not “insisting against” inclusion of these characters BTW; I simply don’t enjoy them. I’ve tried to get into TCW several times and just can’t, let alone Rebels. As such I’ll probably not enjoy Ashoka much either. But as I stated earlier, many do love those characters and storylines and that’s great. It’s a GALAXY after all and we’ve been quoted a trillion people on one planet alone. I think it’s totally fair to have fewer connections. Whatever you feel about the inclusion of these animated characters, I think it’s fair to say the show has moved away from what it was at the start. That’s fine; shows evolve. But I 1) miss the focus on Mando and the s1 characters in general; 2) am not a fan of the stories and characters of the larger SW franchise that they’ve opted to focus on lately. But clearly not everyone will share that opinion.
Sorry if this has already been talked about, but how possible would it be to make a fanedit that makes it a Luke Skywalker show (or movie?) I haven't seen the Mandalorian so I don't know how much Luke is in it, or whether he has his own story that would work without including a lot of other scenes that he's not in. Could he be the protagonist of a fanedit movie?
Sorry if this has already been talked about, but how possible would it be to make a fanedit that makes it a Luke Skywalker show (or movie?) I haven't seen the Mandalorian so I don't know how much Luke is in it, or whether he has his own story that would work without including a lot of other scenes that he's not in. Could he be the protagonist of a fanedit movie?
Well, other than the fact that he’s the ultimate hero of s2 (🤣😜), there isn’t much with him. You might be able to make a short film about him finding and training future Jedi, but it wouldn’t have much plot.
Ah, ok, thanks. Well that's good news too, I guess it means I don't have many episodes to watch.
^Mulan is ageless, I swear. Cool lady, and looks fantastic at 60 years old!
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