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When I was watching Tim Burton's Batman the other week, I noticed that the lighting is pretty unique compared to most modern films. I don't know much about lighting techniques or industry terminology, but it seemed to me like the kind of lighting that would look good in black and white. So, inspired by edits like Batman Forever Red Book Edition and The Thing from 1951, I've made The Mystery of the Bat-Man an early 20th century noir thriller centred around the question "Who is the Bat-Man"
Imagining this film as the first introduction of the character to movie going audiences, I've edited the movie to delay the revelation that Bruce Wayne is Bat-Man until the last possible second and made an effort to remove any shots that don't look like they would have been possible before Star Wars (though I suspect most of this movie would have been impossible before the 1980s), as well as replacing the Prince songs with some swing hits. I've also lovingly reframed every shot to academy ratio. This isn't just the TV version, I did it all myself! And to top it all off, I've made it black and white with some simulated film damage and aged audio.

My intention with this edit was mainly just to have a bit of fun editing it, but also to provide a fresh and interesting take on the movie, especially since the most popular Batman edit on IFDB aims to reduce Vicky Vale as much as possible, whereas mine arguably makes her the main character.
This edit is rendering now, so unless something terrible happens it should be up next week. I wont be making a trailer for this one, since I have other edits to work on, but you won't have to wat long to see it!
What can I say? I had a bat in my belfry!
Once I hot the idea I just had to make it a reality.
I already tried the experience a couple years ago, I rewatched the Burton & Nolan movies in B&W, it was gorgeous.
I'm just hoping I didn't overdo it with the audio. I wanted it to sound like an old movie, but I don't want it to be frustrating for people.
Wow! Looks great!
Tim Burton's Batman has a Gothic look and feel. I alsoLike the idea of the mystery of who is Batman. I Have not seen that idea been done before.
Any plans on doing Returns afterwards? Mystery of the Cat-Woman?
I have given some thought to the sequel.
Personally, I've never liked Returns. It's too adult for children, it's too childish for adults. It just doesn't fit.
I wouldn't want to Noir it because, even though it might look good in black and white, I don't think it would feel like an old-timey movie the way this one does.
Instead I might try to Grindhouse it. Play up on the violence and sensuality and see if I can make it look like a 0 budget movie despite it being one of the most expensive of its time.
The only problem is that I don't really know what grindhouse movies are like, so it would take some work and research to please the diehards that would want to watch it.
The project looks very promising - I love norish vibe and noir movies. I recommend you to check this album made by Miles Davis with wonderful jazzy tracks that IMHO will fit into your edit:

That's a really cool choice! I had considered replacing the entire score with cheesy old movie music, but decided against it because Danny Elfman's score does the job and is already great. I can't believe I didn't think of adding in some jazz! There's definitely some scenes where it could fit.
This edit is actually submitted, but I'll see if I can squese in some changes before monday.
Ok, since I'm going to be making some changes, I want to know if the effects are set right.

(Reveal after watching)
What do you guys think about this scene? Should I add/remove or increase/decrease any of the following:
Film blur
Vignette size
Vignette strength
Film damage
Audio crackle
Audio clarity
Audio pitch warping
Glow intensity of the whites
Flicker effect in the whites

"Looks great" is a perfectly acceptable answer as well if you don't have any issues with it.
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You don't need to add so much damage to the audio / visual - just keep to good color quality and contrast to make it feel like great noir film and that black and white colors don't feel so flat. And jazzy score highly welcomed ;).
There's a Silent Motion edit of this film, if anyone's wondering. It's absolutely gorgeous, you can find it on Internet Archives.
Ok, the films been jazzed up a little and I've slightly adjusted the affects according to feedback. The edit is ready for release on Monday.
It's worth noting that this edit looks best when watched in a dark room. I thought I'd messed up the effects until I realised that was the difference.
Looking forward to reading reviews!
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