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The Phantom of the Opera: Extended Edition


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From DoctorM on 11 Nov 2006 04:54 pm

I've only taken a look at the first couple minutes and I have a questions/comments.

It looks like Womble was used to do some of the editing (from the hallmark artifacts in the re-encoded pieces).
If I'm wrong, ignore me...
It's much better to do any filtering/cross-fades etc. outside of Womble (e.g. AviSynth). Then import the finished clips back into Womble so it won't need to reencode it.
Until Womble can plug into external encoders like CCE, it'll never be a great piece of software.

Also I noticed the "old film" filter is on after the Pauley logo. Some of the splash pages that follow are filtered too, but that includes the letterbox bars.
It's always a good idea to crop, filter and then addborders to prevent this.

Just my $.02.

I haven't actually sat through the edit yet, but I expect it to be completely enjoyable.
Dr. M
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even drones can fly away
the queen is their slave

and then on 16 Nov 2006 05:53 pm

And in my grand tradition, I will reply to myself...

I sat down (finally) to watch this tonight and had major problems with my software player so didn't actually see the whole thing.

But I was quite surprised (and disappointed) to find this was in DD 2.0.
The extra scene and "inter acte" almost seem an unreasonable trade off for 4 channels.

Can we hope for an upgrade Pauley?
Dr. M
worker bees can leave
even drones can fly away
the queen is their slave
by Pauley79
What is it about? The phantom of the opera - one of the greatest musicals of all time - now completed with another great song, that wasn't included into the official release.

original film name: The Phantom Of The Opera
film studio name : Warner Brothers
edit crew name : Pauley79.com
Date Original Film Was Released : 2004
Date Edit Was Released : 2006
Original Runtime : 2 h 21 min
New Runtime : 2 h 26 min
Amount of time Cut/Added : 5 min

Cuts removed/added/extended :

1. I added in the deleted scene/song sung by the Phantom himself, "No One to Listen" (found on the 2nd disk of the Special Edition DVD)
2. I have added in the Enter'Acte from the Original London Cast

Extras: Pauley79.com Trailer Show

Conceptual improvements/advancements of edit over original: I have loved "The Phantom of the Opera" ever since I was a little boy. Seen the Broadway Show twice, read the original book more then once, seen/own the original 1925 & 1929 black and white movie, seen/own the MGM movie with Robert Englund, and of course own Andrew Lloyd Webber's movie version. When I bought the DVD and found that they had not included the deleted scene, which was written just for the movie, I had always wanted to add it. Also, I always thought that the Enter'Acte should have been in there. So there you go...

persons involved: 1

Maybe downloadable from Fanedit.info
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