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The Thread for Art & Art Appreciation

Spider-Man: Universe Two (WIP 2)


The present state of my Spider-Man drawing.

The Venom of Universe 2 is David Michelinie's original female Venom crossed with Ultimate Venom.
Working on painting of Dick Tracy and Tess Trueheart, sorta based on a photo from the 1990 movie:
suspiciouscoffee said:
Duragizer said:
Spider-Man: Universe Two (WIP 2)


The present state of my Spider-Man drawing.

The Venom of Universe 2 is David Michelinie's original female Venom crossed with Ultimate Venom.

Never took you for a Superior fan.

Never read it, but the Ock of this universe is a twisted father figure who listened to NIN's "Closer" one too many times, so it's compatible with the relationship I've envisioned between the two.

More people need to know what a hack Roy Lichtenstein was.
A museum I went to had a temporary Lichtenstein exhibit years ago, and a little coloring thing in the corner for kids, with little slide-in frames on the wall so the kids could display their coloring pages, at least until the next kid showed up.

I had fun.

Superman fighting Amalak (the Rick Leonardi design from ‘08 or so) WIP. not happy with how parts of it are turning out. First of all, fuck me for even trying the three-point like that.

I’m probably cheating since I tagged him in the post anyway, just like Simonson the other day, but it’s still cool, I mean he could ignore me. Now to see if Leonardi notices me.
Leonardi shared a scan of one of the original pages from Superman #670 with me so that’s super cool.


Update on my thing, got a lot of the inking done last night.

I drew the Lady in the Radiator from Eraserhead

Ever dance with the devil in the pale of moonlight?
Last week I bought a new (as in new for me) digital camera. Here're the best photos I've taken with it so far:


jrWHAG42 said:
So out of complete nowhere, I had the idea "Kyle Maclachlan playing Megaman in a 90s Megaman movie"
I went for a low effort experiment, I just wanted to see it, I didn't want to put effort into it. I traced over a picture of Dale Cooper giving a thumbs up. It looks horrible and I love it.

I added to this piece of crap. Here's Kyle Maclachlan as Megaman with Laura Dern as Roll. Tune in next week for Dennis Hopper as Doctor Wily!
There've been magpies galore around here lately. Dunno if it's a combination of the unseasonably rainy weather the past two months and the ripening of the cherry trees out back, but there are more of 'em than I've ever seen before.



Some paintings I've been working on:
Dick Tracy and Tess Trueheart:

Something to do with covid19? Didn't mean to do that, I just needed something to paint and sketched the angel lady and went ahead and painted her then without thinking put the bat on there.

NSFW? There's two images and if either are out of line then I ask the mods to remove either or both, tho I think I've seen worse in this thread, maybe the lady's outfit is too revealing but she's covered where she should be ect.
Pulp sci fi nonsense, sort of a cross between a Margaret Brundage Weird Tales cover (also an homage to her work) and a Rocky Horror Picture Show nightmare, on some other planet, the perspective on the rocketship on the left is pretty tricky, so are the whirlwind clouds in the sky:


None of these are done yet, and the photos aren't the best, but I think I've gotten better with acrylics.
Inspired ≠ Inerrant


I started work on this roughly 11:00 yesterday and finished about half an hour ago. My brains feel like scrambled eggs....
Ideal (WIP)


I haven't attempted a drawing with detailed shading since 2017, and haven't completed one since 2014, and I remember why; it's frikkin' exhausting. :(
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