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The Vanishing - Scary As Hell Edition

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What is it about? This is a drastic re-edit of the THE VANISHING, George Sluizer's US remake of his international success SPOORLOS (1988), which was a major disappointment on so many levels. This is faster, smarter, darker and does not have the happy Hollywood ending, but the original one.

tagline: Curiosity killed the cat. Do you really want to know?
original film name: The Vanishing (1993)
new film name : The Vanishing - Scary As Hell Edition
film studio name :20th Century Fox
edit crew name : 3Raz0r
Date Original Film Was Released : 1993
Date Edit Was Released : 12 2009
Original Runtime : 109 minutes
New Runtime : 83 minutes
Amount of time Cut/Added : about 26 minutes cut / nothing added

Cuts removed/added/extended :

- small cut: Diane saying she wants to get out of here (it's Jeff and Diane's first appearance on screen and a not too well acted argument)
- small cut: the Colleague talking to Barney about Jeff hanging up a new poster and Barney saying that he admires his persistence (for me too obvious and unnecessary)
- cut: everything Rita Baker did after she left Jerry (these are many smaller and bigger cuts)

About this fanedit:

I always loved Jeff Bridges performance in this movie. The original is of course better, but the "villain" in the remake is for me truly superior. He acts like a douche, which makes him even more cruel and scary. It's only an experiment. Kiefer was a bit wooden in this one (but I think he was wooden in most his movie appearances). Sandra Bullock was a nice little addition, yet did not leave a big impression. Nancy Travis acts between ok and awful, but you can check that out a lot better, when you watch the deleted scenario on the DVD.
Anyway, recreating the original ending for this movie was difficult, because there were not enough scenes for that, but I think it works really well and has exactly the desired shocking effect it is supposed to have. At first I had the entire end section silent (without music) and loved it that way. But this movie has music all the time, so I had to add it there as well.
So this will give the English audience a much "truer" version of THE VANSIHING.

Your intention for this fanedit:
Re-create the original shocking ending, but fitting to the remake.

Your way to achieve your intention:
The usual: slicing, cutting, removing, moving, splitting, cursing, taking millions of breaks, crying, swearing, stabbing, re-creating, recreating recreations, staying calm, trying to stay calm, focusing, concentrating, smoking, drinking, sleeping, re-arranging, searching for sound files, giving up, getting on it again, finishing.

Hardware and software information:
My wonderful computer.
Womble. Goldwave. Besweet. DVD LAB PRO. Pro Show Gold.

DVD details:

* Nice menus with nice audio.
* NTSC 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen
* 2.0 ac-3 audio, English
* deleted scenes scenario (Rita's Regrets) (25 minutes) (can be found in the info part of the DVD)
* very nice cover art on ROM part.

Release information:
NTSC single layer DVD
ipod-ready mp4

Additional Comment:
Never give up. never surrender.
Who am I?
I am 3Raz0r, I like horror movies and I dig fanedits.

Time needed for the edition: 2 weeks
persons involved: my beautiful self

Additional information links:
imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0108473/

Download links will be coming soon. Available through Rapidshare only, sorry Torrent guys, I don't do this anymore.
so the "original ending" is recreated with the remake? this could be good... and scary ;)
Hey is 3Raz0r really a girl.. or at the very least, a girly vampire?

Anyway, this looks like another great edit.
This probably means that 3Raz0r is automatically on the top editors list as well since this is SAH #7.
zeppelinrox said:
This probably means that 3Raz0r is automatically on the top editors list as well since this is SAH #7.
You are right. I am on it...
update: 3Raz0r added and she enters at a whopping no.5, pretty close to Jorge.
I saw this film in the theater when it originally opened and do not remember this having a happy ending!?!
Happy-ish. Certainly a more Hollywood ending than the original version.

And I agree with 3Raz0r...Jeff really owns this movie. Not that he has much competition from the other leads, but he really finds some great moments with this role.
man 3Razor, you have out did yourself with the "Scary as Hell Editions". i love every one of them! you put the nice get to the point bringing the pain & horror! i love it, and can't wait to see whats next. thank you for this one! i always loved this movie, but this version is lots better!
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