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The Wolfman Super 8 Collection


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Beware the Full Moon!



To simply create a fun wolfman fanedit collection for halloween.


The Wolfman (2010)
1. created new opening and closing titles
2. aged audio/video
3. removed several charachters from the film to move the story along in the alloted time (18mins)
4. removed as much cgi/flashy camera movement shots as possible
5. when Lawrence first transforms into the wolfman, i edited several of his attack scenes into one combined sequence
6. There was some problematic audio during the scene where the Wolfman attacks the puppet show, i did the best i could to have this audio match up with the rest, its quite close i think.
7. alternate ending (in a manner of speaking)

The Wolfman (1941)

This edit is based on a review of an actual super 8 digest of the film, i tried to get it to
match what the review described as much as possible.
I cropped/reframed the image to 16/9 animorphic and applied a sepia tone and gave it a super 8 look. The credits in the movie could not be cropped/reframed to 16/9 properly so i crafted new ones inspired by the original credits. I removed a few refrences to the charachter Bela since he is not in this edit, but i left his name in the credits.

Atom Age Wolfman (The Mad Monster(1942), Dead Men Walk(1943))

1. when making this edit, i tried to imagine how a super 8 enthusiast might go about making a fanedit with the equipment at hand (not a computer), i roughly cut in new titles that resemble home painted title card’s. These movies were not of the best quality so i did my best with what i had.
2. cropped/reframed to 16/9
3. added parts of the opening monlogue from Dead Men Walk
4. cut pretty much all of the secondary charachters and only kept scenes of the wolfman doing wolfman stuff
5. tried to focus on the unintentional humor this movie has
6. alternate ending



This edit was inspired by the Star Wars super 8 preservations Puggo created, Youtube user Ghost1969’s super 8 uploads and various reviews of actual super 8 prints on the 8mmforum. Thank you Captain Khajiit, Leeroy0115, L8wrtr, archive.org and everyone at fanedit.org, originaltrilogy.com and 8mmforum.film-tech.com.




Trailers, About the edit, Two bonus super 8 edits


*** Posters for the special bonus edits ***

Info for the special bonus edits;​

Wolfman (2010 super 8 black and white extended cut);​


1. created new opening and closing titles.
2. aged audio/video.
3. removed several charachters from the film to move the story along faster.
4. removed as much cgi/flashy camera movement shots as possible.
5. when Lawrence first transforms into the wolfman, i combined several of his attack scenes into one.
6. alternate ending (in a manner of speaking).​

NOTE: I had some trouble getting a few audio sources to match up during the scene when Gwen checks up on Lawrence and tends his wounds, its in no way perfect and parts of the dialog sound like they are from different individual recordings, hopefully the audiance can see past this. I did my best.​

This is more or less my final cut of the movie, its not meant to fix the movie in any way but rather to make it feel like the original 1941 film, the black and white effect and old film noise is inspired by the look of the original. I didnt age the sound quite as much with this one due to some audio issues.​

The Wolfman Of Washington (1976)​


1. created new opening and closing titles.
2. aged audio/video.
3. removed several charachters and plot elements from the film to move the story along faster, altered the chronology of scenes.
4. alternate ending (in a manner of speaking).​

My intention here was to simply string together all of the werewolf attacks into one rampage.​

This short edit is in fullscreen.

these were all enjoyable to watch (especially over the halloween period) with the 1941 wolfman edit being my favorite.
WOW! What a surprise return by Rogue! Can't wait! :)
In the interest of full disclosure, Rogue wanted these released prior to Halloween. I was unable to get this edit properly released in time, so wanted to apologize to my good friend Rogue (as well as others who's releases/updates were affected). My work and home schedule both seem to be slowing down to a more tolerable level so by next release cycle, we should be back to speed.

Awesome work Rogue!
The Atom Age Werewolf file has been "temporarily unavailable" for days... :(
Link has been updated and should be good to go. :)

The dvd is still under construction, but will be well worth the wait i think.
The Welcomed Return of Rogue's Super 8 Edits!
What a wonderful surprise.

Once again Rogue proves his amazing ability of being able to boil a story down to it's bare essence and still engage and entertain an audience.

Of all the classic Universal Monsters, the Wolfman is by far and away my favorite monster.
Thus I eagerly downloaded Rogue's Halloween Treat and was not disappointed.

I should note, I was only able to download Wolfman 1941 and 2010, as Atomic Age Wolfman would not download.

Of the two, the 1941 version retains much of the look and feel of the original. The edited storyline flows really well, almost too well. Even at less than 20 minutes it still feels like an old time Universal movie. I suppose that is testament to the quality of the production and it's agelessness. I think I would have liked to have seen a bit more aging effects or stuttering or crackling sound. That said, I greatly enjoyed it. It was a real HOWL!;-)

The 2010 version was a joyful surprise! I loved what Rogue accomplished with this much maligned and criticized movie. His
Super 8 effects and editing injected some much needed energy and style into this disaster of a remake. I truly LOVED this edit. It is fast paced, crazy, kinetic and held your attention. An amazing improvement over the original, and again less than 20 minutes long!!! Well done Rogue!

If you love the Wolfman, I highly recommend these two edits.
Looking forward to seeing Rogue's final werewolf entry!

Until then, beware of when the wolf bane blooms and the autumn moon is bright!:)
BOB!!! :D

Thanks for the review man, glad you enjoyed 'em!

When did you download this? you say you have trouble with atom age wolfman, but the link was fixed a few days ago, and they all appear on line over here, could you try that one again please, maybe?

Good to hear from you :)
Just a heads up for those that have been waiting for the dvd, I am very nearly finished putting together the last bonus feature, then i will send the finished files to Captain Khajiit Who is kindly authoring the disc for me, thanks man! :)

Bonus features are as follows:
Rogue-theX Fanedit Trailers, About the edits, The Wolfman Of Washington (short super 8 cut of Werewolf of Washington), The Wolfman (2010 38min. black and white cut wich is an extended/alternate version of my super 8 cut)

The Wolfman of Washington and The Wolfman Extended B/W cut will be avaible in MKV format shortly.
Great News! Can't wait!!!:-D
Found a slight glitch in one of the old film filters i made for the last extra. Just a tiny itsy bitsy delay, hang in there :)

EDIT: Would anyone be interested in a clean/full color version of the exteded cut?
Rogue-theX said:
EDIT: Would anyone be interested in a clean/full color version of the exteded cut?
To be honest, not particularly. The vintage effect is a big part of the charm and the fun.
Thanks Dwight :)

I decided on black and white last night anyways, and also i lost some of the full color fx shots so theres only the black and white left now;




Some audio stuff to finish up and its done.
The B&W shots look good. :smile:
They look great!

Was that Lon Chaney Jr. portrait in the second image in the movie? If so, where? I don't remember it.
I took the painting from the old movie and put it overtop of the painting of lawrences mother in the new movie because the mother angle of the story has been removed. :)

The footage of lawrences brother is reused later so he's just another victim of lawence/wolfman now.
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