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Transcendence: Avid4D Recut


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Transcendence, with Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman, received many mixed reviews but I saw what the film makers were trying to do. Even though I enjoyed it I still feel like its full potential wasn't achieved, and I have wanted to see if I could make something new or different out of it to change the viewing experience.

I now have a first draft completed. It is not an action film, so I have taken a more art-house approach to editing it. In some ways, parts of my edit are reminiscent of Momento. The runtime has been reduce from 119 mins to 96 mins, and there are 3 stages in the edit, each almost perfectly 30 mins each. I am also becoming a big fan of post credit scenes, so like I did with Man Of Steel and Justice League Origins, I have added scenes that play during the end credits.

I am currently calling it Transcendence Avid4D Recut but I'm not sure I'm 100% happy with the title. I'm keen for a couple of previewers to watch my first draft, and perhaps brainstorm with me on a new title. I do prefer to keep the word Transcendence in the title however. So if anyone is interested in a different way to watch this movie, please PM me.
First draft complete and first previews taking place as we speak. In the meantime experimenting with poster art.

Feedback received now from a couple of previewers in the forum and I think Transcendence Avid4D Recut will be ready for release. I'll whip up a trailer soon and publish.

Unlike what I did for Man of Steel Recut (and soon to be republished Justice League Origins) I decided Transcendence does not benefit from linear story telling. This edit aims to make the first time viewer question character motives, not revealing on purpose what some character intentions are.

And for something different to mess with the viewers mind a little more, selected scenes have their "aspect perspective" altered... I think that is the best way to describe it. I need to call the effect something :)
I'm curious to see this, I'm awaiting the final release but I do believe that this movie is salvageable.
Submitted so it should appear soon... in the meantime trailer can be viewed here...

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