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Tron (1982): Quickstart Edition


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While an enduring cult classic, the original Tron film suffers from a critical pacing issue in its opening act. Cutting between the world of the Grid and the real world only serves to alienate new viewers and confuses the internal logic of the story. By removing the first 8(ish) minutes, the plot is not only clearer, but gets going much faster and with fewer distractions.
TheUltimate, Is this a finished edit?
You might get more interest in the edit by posting more information such as the Poster art, a detailed cut list and any examples you might have of the edit.


00:00:00 - Fanedit Warning
00:00:20 - Faneditor credit
00:00:38 - Remade deleted text prologue
00:01:43 - Crossfade from title card to Dillinger in helicopter (removing arcade introduction, introduction of Crom, and Clu sequence).
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