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Twin Peaks: Between Two Worlds


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Cover Art by TheRyaney​


Unless there are any last minute problems beta viewers spot, Twin Peaks: Between Two Worlds is locked and being prepped for release the first week of February. The old In-the-Works thread has been archived.​

Twin Peaks: Between Two Worlds is broken down into 5 movie length parts:

Part I combines and trims episodes 1 - 3 and runs approx. 2 hrs 37 min.
Part II combines and trims episodes 4 - 7 and runs approx. 2 hrs 23 min.
Part III combines and trims episodes 8 - 12 and runs approx. 2 hrs 20 min.
Part IV combines and trims episodes 13 - 16 and runs approx. 2 hrs 19 min.
Part V combines and trims episodes 1, 8, 17 & 18 and runs approx. 1 hr 57 min.

At this time no Blu-Ray version is planned, and I will only be releasing 1080p MKV files. The reason for this is pretty simple: 5 Blu-Ray = 125GB of data I need to upload. That's a lot of bandwidth and time for something that will ultimately get taken down. (This has been my experience with my previous Twin Peaks edits.) If you would like a Blu-Ray version feel free to let me know and based on the interest I will consider it.

I'm sure some people will think I could/should have cut more, but I decided to try and preserve the pacing of Twin Peaks: The Return because that's how Lynch wanted it. I have the utmost respect for him as an artist and filmmaker and didn't want to make this into a more fast paced, rapid cut version. I trimmed excessively long shots/scenes and cut out subplots that didn't directly impact the storyline of Dale Cooper or those that would be impacted by him. A good example would be I completely cut the Dr. Jacoby/Nadine and Audrey/Charlie scenes but did leave in a good chunk Bobby/Shelly/Becky scenes because Bobby is directly involved in the Cooper storyline.

If you are interested in this edit please PM me and as soon as it's ready I'll let you know.

I hope you enjoy Twin Peaks: Between Two Worlds.
Here are the updated covers: :)


jswert123456 said:
do you still have plans for BD25?

Re-read my initial post.
Ok I just thought mkv would’ve been bigger than 6gb, but that’s ok
Sounds cool, been wondering what a trimmed down version of this would be like.
Links are now available. Please PM me if interested.
The full episodes run a total of 1032 minutes. Yours run 696 min total. That's 336 minutes (or nearly 1/3) cut. And people still want it shorter?
Please elaborate on the edits in part 5: What did you use from eps 1 and 8?
I would really like to see a cutlist for this.
I did my own take on this  and one thing I am curious about is how you handled the BadCoop frying in the lodge.  Did you keep it where it is or did you move it?  I had a bugger of a time with that scene and honestly thought that more FE's of this would pop up and am interested in how others may have tackled it (I am of the opinion that moving it slightly helps).  
I'd love to compare notes on editing this with someone but I also don't want to clog up a thread about your project.
I didn't take notes as I edit as it breaks my flow. That's why I rarely post cut lists as I don't remember everything cut, especially when I've cut 5 hours of material from a project.

As for the Mr. C scene you're talking about, I put it in shortly after Freddy does his thing.
I've just watched the first two parts. Very impressive! it flows really well and I really like how you have arranged things sequentially so far. Cheers!
I'd be very interested in blu ray disc editions of this if that's still possible
@"leafstk" , please read the rules. Please PM editors if you are requesting edits.

For more information see this or PM a staff. Thanks
I was merely responding to the OP? I already have all 5 parts of this, I wasn't requesting a link
Your post can easily be read as a request. Asking an editor if they plan to make Blu Ray editions is different than saying you'd be interested in Blu Ray editions of an edit if still possible. Either way, it's a needed general reminder. Thanks.
Did I make a BD25 version? Yes. Am I making it available? Probably not. There hasn't been enough interest in the project for me to justify taking the time or bandwidth to upload 125GB.
I support your decision to make only the mkv version available. For fanedits, I rarely play physical media. The commercial Blu-ray set I bought still sits unopened on my shelf. I'm very interested to see your take on this series and tying together the Cooper thematic threads.
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