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We all need a laugh


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Please fell free to add anything fun here. And only fun.
the youtube thingie goes like this (with square brackets)
and voila, the video is here!
I may have posted this before but hey, its's worth it.


feel free to giggle at how far fanedits can go....
The Rocketeer. Now there's a movie I've not seen in a long time. Long time.
my GF showed me this, i thought it was the wierdest thing i'd ever seen.

But now i can get it out if my head, check it

I really don?t know if this video is funny but it?s weird in a hypnotic kind of way...

*must stop thinking about shoes*
haha, i saw that earlier today from the OT comment on ep2. good stuff
that's where I found it too. :)
And I have ordered a pack already to make lots and lots of turds shine. ;-)
haha, i could use it right now for this proposal I am trying to finish up :)
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