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We all need a laugh

^ Great stuff. So punk rock to do that.

There is sabotaging your own TV appearance as a deliberate creative choice and then there is just taking all the drugs beforehand then going in front of the camera like in this Iggy Pop clip:

Watched and laughed so many times. I love the moments like him not even trying to sync with the backing track, the closeup at 03.18 where you can see the thought go through Iggy's mind that he is genuinely "bored" and stops even pretending to sing, putting the microphone down the front of his pants and all the way through when you can see the audience in the front row are scared and trying to back away from him... with good reason because he probably hospitalised somebody at the end :D .

Also another TotP p*sstake from Oasis. Noel pretending to sing Liam's vocals and Liam pretending to play Noel's guitar. Love it at 01.44 when the band are laughing at Liam's "solo":

and all The Stranglers mucking about right through this synced performance. Somehow with the same energy as the song:


(may be a bit nsfw)

This is the extent of my Doctor Who knowledge (totally an exaggeration)
Now I wanna ROTS fanedit where Mace bites off Annie's ear.
^ Letting litter droppers off lightly IMO.
Tim Conway passed away this week.

But his comedic genius will live on....

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