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We all need a laugh

Now here's a non-politically specific quote from an article about UK politics that's too good not to share:

As one member of the government put it to me when I asked how the day had been, he said "it's like smashing a drawer against your testicles multiple times, but without the adrenaline rush".


^ Paul Rudd and Brie Larson's appearances, the best supporting performances of the year? "Ok, Iger." :rolleyes:
I can see the ad campaign now:

For your consideration... Paul Rudd in Avengers Endgame. Here is what some of Hollywood’s most respected directors had to say.

“It’s not cinema!” - Martin Scorsese

“Martin is right.” - Francis Ford Coppola
From last fortnight's issue of Private Eye:

SNL sketches don't always end well. This one does.


Also, what is the best name to give a pet pterodactyl egg? Hint: there's only one correct answer, and it begins with a silent P.

Pteri Hatcher.
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