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What are you listening to at the moment?

Vinyl is my Bible
Brother Strut
Jazz funk
Pink Floyd -Animals - Live - Oakland Coliseum, USA, 1977-05-09

The live versions of these songs are amazing.

My post was too short. It must contain a minimum of 6 word and above. My previous word was 4.
I mess with music, and make what I call mixsets. I listen to them myself when I am driving or even editing.

This rocks! Former Megadeth guitarist. The whole album rocks!

And this...still...The whole album

Even more new GNR. Not as bad as Absurd, not as good as Hard Skool. Sounds like a(nother) reworked Chinese Democracy era track. I think that's three new songs in as many years now? Maybe an album by 2027?

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