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What are your "go-to" sites to find high-res images?


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I've pretty much solely used "google images" but im not always impressed with the results of the search. So do you guys have any recommendations for good websites/picture search engines?
Google Images + search tools + images size + large. That's all I'v ever needed.
Rogue-theX said:
Google Images + search tools + images size + large. That's all I'v ever needed.

Fair enough. I thought there were some secret alternatives that I was unaware of.
Maybe try broadening your searches, examples;
'Dredd poster'
'Dredd 2012'
'Karl Urban Dredd'
'Olivia Thirlby Dredd'
'Smoke Texture'
'Smoke Background'
'Leather Texture'
'Cracked earth texture'
'marble texture'
'steel texture'

And maybe look around for some brushes you can use to spice things up.

ETA, remember, its not just the elements you are using but how you use them, inverting a white marble texture and removing the color from it can give you a totally different feel.
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