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What is everybody reading?

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Knowing that this forum is full of educated, well-read members I figure why not start a thread about what everyone is reading.
Books being the original mind movies.

i'll start. Just recently finished a fantastic new discovery (i love discovering new writers) a writer named Nick Stone.
Two books the first is MR CLARINET and it's prequel KING OF SWORDS.

luckily for me i started with the prequel which happens 20 years earlier. It was a fortunate happenstance and i enjoyed the books very much.

THE KING OF SWORDS: Det. Sgt. Max Mingus and his black partner, Det. Joe Liston, think a decomposed body discovered in a primate park in Miami, Fla., is just one of the city's more bizarre murders. But when a tarot card—the ominous King of Swords—is found in the victim's stomach and his entire family killed, it's clear something darker is at work. The detectives are soon hot on the trail of a young Haitian pimp and his fortune-teller mother, who are thought to be linked to voodoo gang leader Solomon Boukman. Rumors abound about Boukman's human sacrifices and allegiance to the voodoo god of death, Baron Samedi, but few have actually seen his face. With police corruption rampant, Mingus and Liston realize that in order to take down Boukman, they'll have to hunt him alone. The violence is every bit as gruesome as in Clarinet, but Stone expertly harnesses it to propel his multilayered saga of good, evil and everything in between.

MR CLARINET: Max Mingus, an ex-Miami cop and PI, wants to get his life back on track after a seven-year stint in Attica for the execution of three child molesters. Grudgingly agreeing to investigate the disappearance of Charlie Carver, the three-year-old son of a wealthy white Haitian family, Max finds himself thrown headfirst into the violent, corrupt world of Haiti in the mid-1990s. Max's search leads him from the sprawling Carver compound to Cité Soleil, the country's most notorious slum, pitting him against powerful drug baron Vincent Paul and the bloody legacy of the Carvers' rise to power. Stone veers too often into the explicitly graphic, with numerous extended torture scenes, but readers accustomed to the grittiest of pulp fiction won't be deterred. Stone, the son of British historian Norman Stone and a Haitian mother, vividly depicts a country and a man in turmoil. Despite an overabundance of plot elements, this thriller introduces a fresh voice that fans of hardboiled fiction won't want to miss.

Please add a description or a URL link for your books. Titles are great, links are better.
And don't forget to use the FANEDIT.ORG amazon portal if you purchase any of these books.
Currently reading Duma Key by Stephen King.

Middle age/class business man Edgar Freemont has accident in crane and loses one arm. After much rehab and having anger management issues, he moves to the island of Duma Key, where he begins to paint. But strange things happen on this island, some might say supernatural and a horrific, hidden past is slowly uncovered in his paintings....

Tis a thick book and I'm taking forever to read it.....
I am the most pitiful "reader" on the planet. I like to read, but I never finish anything I start so I mostly stick to comic books... and even they are sometimes difficult to finish. (I am trying to get through V for Vendetta, Wanted and various other series' at the moment.)

Off the top of my head these are a few books I read half of and put down only to forget where I was and abandon them:

Orson Scott Card: The Abyss
Phillip K Dick: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, The PKD Reader
Chuck Palahniuk: Choke, Invisible Monsters
Charles Bukowski: Ham On Rye, Post Office
Bruce Campbell: Make Love The Bruce Campbell Way

The last books I remember finishing were:

Michael Crichton: Sphere
J.D Salinger: Catcher in the Rye
Bruce Campbell: If Chins Could Kill
Shane Salerno(?) : AvP movie adaptation (after 14 years I just couldnt wait... to bad the film sucked it. the 'book' wasn't nearly as bad)

Pitiful :lol: :lol:
Bruce Campbell: If Chins Could Kill is a good read!
Well, I love to read, but find little time for it lately. Most of my reading is scientific journals. Newest issue of Wilson just came. But I have a few books I am reading currently:

- Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Save The World by Paul Stamets Amazon link
- Contact by Carl Sagan
- The Amber Spyglass by Phillip Pullman

generally, my book topics go back and forth between science fiction, and science non-fiction :smile:
Mollo said:
Bruce Campbell: If Chins Could Kill is a good read!

Its fantastic! and it has pictures if you are retarded like me! :oops:
elbarto1 said:
I am the most pitiful "reader" on the planet. I like to read, but I never finish anything I start
Since you're an audio guy, may i suggest audiobooks? I'm huge into them because i can "read" while riding my bike or doing anything. ipods change my world.

white43 said:
Currently reading Duma Key by Stephen King.
great read. Harkens back to his earlier SALEM'S LOT.
I also love BAG OF BONES.
good call kbm Bag of Bones is definitely one of Kings better books. i can never decide whether Geralds Game or IT is my favourite though.

recently finished Q & A or Slumdog Millionaire as its now known. quite a good read; bares almost no resemblance to the movie whatsoever.

currently reading Eyes of Horus by Joan Grant for the umteenth time. great story about 11th dynasty egypt and the transferance into the twelfth.
nOmArch said:
good call kbm Bag of Bones is definitely one of Kings better books.
The audiobook is read by Uncle Stevie himself. he does a great job.
have a listen.

Please add a description or a URL link for your books. Titles are great, links are better.
And don't forget to use the FANEDIT.ORG amazon portal if you purchase any of these books.
Thanks for the link. i really must get around to listening to the complete Hitchhikers Guide radio series at some point ive had them for ages but never had the time.
I am not a great reader but I try to read pretty much every Bernard Werber books. I don't know if he's well known outside france, but you should try. (The "Empire of the ants" trilogy is a good start).
He begins to release too much books these days though. He should focus and spend more time on each work, cause his tricks to tell a story begins to show.
Jack Tourette said:


Fantastic vampire screenplay. Pretty much the Anti-Twilight with porn stars, heroin, cocaine, and a gay guy who doesn't seem gay at all. A++
thanks for the link Jack.
Started reading THE READER. exploring fanedit possibilities with the movie.
THE READER: Originally published in Switzerland, and gracefully translated into English by Carol Brown Janeway, The Reader is a brief tale about sex, love, reading, and shame in postwar Germany. Michael Berg is 15 when he begins a long, obsessive affair with Hanna, an enigmatic older woman. He never learns very much about her, and when she disappears one day, he expects never to see her again. But, to his horror, he does. Hanna is a defendant in a trial related to Germany's Nazi past, and it soon becomes clear that she is guilty of an unspeakable crime. As Michael follows the trial, he struggles with an overwhelming question: What should his generation do with its knowledge of the Holocaust? "We should not believe we can comprehend the incomprehensible, we may not compare the incomparable.... Should we only fall silent in revulsion, shame, and guilt? To what purpose?"

Also reading SUPERMAN: THE NEVER-ENDING BATTLE: A mysterious super-terrorist has devised a master plan to bring the world to its knees, using the planet's own weather as a weapon against Superman and his teammates in the JLA. But the conflict raises troubling questions for the Man of Steel about authority, justice, power and the price of liberty in a world where the enemies of freedom stand on the brink of victory.
The Egyptian looks very promising, voodl if you like historical Egyptian stuff then you'll probably enjoy Joan Grants Egypt books,

Winged Pharaoh
Eyes of Horus
Lord of the Horizon
So Moses Was Born
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