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Working with iTunes video files

Leawo claims to retain 5.1, I'm guessing that it may be another iTunes setting that needs to be checked to "allow" surround. (There is one setting people will have to check to get 1080p instead of 720p max as well.)
Can you get a refund? I believe Viwizard is similar in price and I never have issues with it. It's simple, but also has options.

Looks like the iTunes file is Dolby Digital 2.0 so it's not a Leawo conversion issue.

Ahh good looking out. Thanks for helping clear that up. Stereo is a limitation but a little less to worry about for a rusty editor I suppose.
I haven't tried this myself, but I've had good luck using OBS to record backups of movies I bought on VUDU. It's worth a shot with iTunes.
So if i downloaded my purchase of Mars Season 2 and downloaded it through Anystream would this be allowed to use when i finally get around to my new Mars Phase 3 edit?


I only bought Anystream so i could rip my purchased digital copies. Mars 2 is only available on DVD and i wanted a 1080p file

i'll probably need to do some more research and look at the redfox forum....i just needed a way to get access to files i own .
So browsing through the forums, Anystream does download from a server...of course it can be used for more illicit activity but my Amazon purchases are downloaded in a fraction of the time of a screen recorder and directly from a server.
Wow, I had forgotten I even had some old iTunes movies before I saw this thread.
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