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I am a devotee of PTA. Magnolia is a superb film (despite being 20 minutes too long). This was a good fanedit, focusing on one of the primary story threads of the film, but in the end it felt like it was lacking something. The character arc is intact, but there's no real conclusion, or significant payoff. It just kind of stops unexpectedly, which is actually hilarious because I previously used Magnolia for a Cops Consecution short and I cut that story short abruptly without any sort of resolution to anything. I guess that this film just simply needs to have those frogs, but that means it also needs to have all those other strands in the web.

There were a couple minor editing flaws that I should bring up. During two transitional moments you can hear overlapping audio from excised scenes. First, when Linda enters the pharmacy you hear the final notes of a deleted piece of music. Second, when Frank leaves the interview and right before cutting to Linda and Earl you hear something that shouldn't exist. The biggest odd piece of editing is the ending. Transitioning from Wise Up to Save Me like that was not smooth, and the cut from Linda in the hospital to the credits made me cringe.

I think this would have been better as some sort of two-part fanedit, similar to CBB's "Two Exits From Pan's Labyrinth". Frank TJ Mackey would be Part One, then one of the other major story lines as Part Two, perhaps Stanley Spector. But, this wasn't a bad edit, it just fell a little flat.

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