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(Updated: January 29, 2024)
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Went into the edit blind. It's a blend of Ready Player One, They Live, the really bad new Matrix film, Pixels with Adam Sandler, the Truman Show, a dash of Her, random TikTok and Fortnite things, and a GTAV FiveM RP server. If that last part makes no sense to you then welcome to being a non-gamer.

The film is the raunchy R-rated version of Ready Player One made for zoomers who aren't even old enough to pay to see it yet, or millennials who wore Deadpool T-shirts to the premiere. But, the film has a heart in the end, a very cheesy one. I liked the ending. The ending is for boomers.
SPOILERS: The ending negated the whole idea of the "Guy" AI being a random match with the girl who actually falls in love with the AI. That story sounds good. But that isn't what happens.

Ninja-Trix has superbly clean editing here. Reading about the cuts he made really helped my enjoyment I think. The edit starts without any info dumps on what is going on, so it plays out a little more slowly, which I like. As "Guy" figures things out, the viewer figures things out too, kinda. I read more about how some YouTube videos and other odd things were cut. Glad those are gone, because some that remained were bad to me. In the end though it is a fun ride that might make a lot of people be like "huh??" but if you stick with it it has a cute and happy ending, something rare these days in good, modern films. It doesn't have anything too deep to say to the audience, though it did at a few moments that I liked, but then the true ending happens and it's a little different.

If you're in a for a goofy video-game version of The Truman Show then this is for you!

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