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This new cut of Part II maintains the same high level of technical quality as Ray Danger's previous Friday the 13th edit, and does a great job of streamlining the core narrative. I quite enjoyed the cut overall, but I did have some gripes with the open and close of the edit.

The opening text exposition felt lengthy to me, and it's a little tough for me to buy the revised account of events given what we see in the first film, as well as the conversations that follow in Part II. No part of me missed the opening Alice scenes, but their absence made the transition to our new Part II characters feel a bit abrupt.

Also, though I have no idea what could be done to adjust what I find to be a jarring ending in the original, it did feel a little off to see a dream sequence for the very first time after Alice's dreams from Part I and II were cut.

These minor quibbles aside, this is yet another enjoyable [raymix], and a strong follow-up to Ray Danger's cut of the original.

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