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Another solid edit! Ray Danger once again trims the fat with cuts so seamless you wouldn't even know they were there.
The opening prologue with Alice is removed and replaced with a short text recap of the events of the first film, which helps to get to the meat of the story right away. While watching, I didn't miss this scene. However, as a fan of the franchise I always enjoyed this bit of connective tissue, and the idea of killing off the first film's final girl in the opening moments really set the stage for Jason's rampage. That said, since the epilogue was cut in the first raymix film (which now ends with Alice being pulled into the lake by Jason), the choice to remove Alice entirely makes complete sense from a narrative perspective. I don't feel the opening is as abrupt as someone else said. It simply introduces a new cast of characters, which is not uncommon in the world of horror franchises (see Nightmare on Elm St. 2).

The adjusted dates are appreciated again, especially with the references to "Five years ago" often mentioned out loud.
The strongest part of this edit is it's pacing. Part 2 has always felt like the appetizer for what would be the traditional, hockey-mask wearing Jason originated in Part 3, which also leans into more gruesome kills. This films still captures the essence of the first, by not showing more than Jason's hands until almost a whole hour in, but also starts to feel like a simple rehash, especially with the new intro leaving out Alice. That said, still an enjoyable watch and a great set up for the more exciting future of the franchise! (I love that there are post credits shots. The shot of Mrs. Voorhees' head is a great tease at there being more to come!)

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