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I'm going to keep these reviews very brief as I'm reviewing numerous films in RayDanger's series -

First off, the Friday the 13th series is not top shelf cinema, but they are a fun set of films. RayDanger does a miraculous job of streamlining the entire series, providing a lovingly curated narrative that is more sensical that the ones that the original producers released.

It terms of visual tone, audio, and overall editing, the experience is greatly improved with greater emphasis on suspense throughout.

I was initially weary of this film, turned off by the hackneyed choices made to exploit the original 3D presentation, in addition to the one-dimensional characterization. While these victims may still lack the charm of the second film's, RayDanger manager to manipulate the narrative into a thrilling installment to the slasher series.

His editing choices work to make the moody, visual tone more consistent the other installments. Additionally, he's fastidiously trimmed the runtime and awkwardness from the 3D segments, The resulting narrative ramps up to a brutal third act that showcases Jason's might. I commend RayDanger for elevating such campy source material

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