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I loved this edit. I've always loved Part. 5 for its sleazy-ness. Its honestly the most Friday The 13th film of the series in terms of what you think of when you think of the series. It has the most kills, the most tits, the best tits I might add, and the most exploitation feel. I like it for all its faults and its honestly my second favorite in the series after Part 4. I feel that Part 4 and 6 are actually well made films, while 5 is enjoyable on so many levels to me for all of the things that make it bad. The lead actor honestly gives probably the best performance out of all of the Friday films and all the wacky side characters help to enhance his standout acting and give it a certain charm. I love this edit as a true follow up to Part 4, but it doesn't replace the fun sleazy feeling of watching the original cut. I love the original cut of Part 5 in the same way I love Part 8, its just good old 80's charming fun. Thank you for this edit, because now I can decided whether to watch Part 5 as a sleazy exploitation film or as an actually good slasher film. Both versions are great in my eyes.

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Owner's reply March 14, 2015

Thanks dustin6595... seems in your case, I succeeded at my attempt to offer a more streamlined alternative for Part V ;) Thanks for your kind words.

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