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This makes an already great Bond film even better. I loved the new structure at the begining which creats a bit more mystery and intrigue as to what is going on. The boat chase towards the end is not missed at all as the helicopter fight works as a better final battle. I loved the moment when the door opens without her knocking and Klebb is standing there, very creepy. And taking out the following day in the gypsy camp made perfect sense, providing much more urgency to Bonds mission.
What did not work perfectly for me was Bond enterogating Tatiana on the train. I get the editor wanted to make Bond less brutal but cutting straight to her all disheveld felt off. I could tell there was a cut their. Also the first two scenes the characters are speaking Russian and I wonder if we could have subtitles for this.
Overall it is a great edit that improves on the original.

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Owner's reply April 10, 2022

So glad you enjoyed it, many thanks for the review! Regarding the issue of Tania looking dishevelled, I cannot think of a way around it if I want to remove the violence of the scene, my best hope is that viewers assume that she started started crying at the news. The fact that any viewers of the edit are almost certainly very familiar with the source doesn't help matters, maybe I could convince a non-fan friend to get an idea of how realistic this is.

I never thought about adding subtitles that were not already present (unlike my non-English language edits), would need to check what is available on the disc. Besides this though I am yet to attempt adding sub files to edited videos, will definitely look into such things in the future.

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