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*Nothing in this review is meant as a personal attack on the editor. This is just one guy's opinion. Any criticism(s) are meant to be constructive feedback for the editor.*

I like Full Metal Jacket, but to me it was always essentially two movies. The first movie being the basic training and Pyle's arc. The second movie being Joker in Vietnam. JSW came up with a unique way to change the narrative and I think it works.

The title fonts worked well (as for as I can tell it's the same font as the title cards in the theatrical version). However the fonts used to indicated place and time (i.e. Da Nang 1968) looked to me a little tacky/amateurish, this is just my opinion though.

The first dissolve to the flashback of the introduction of the Drill Instructor was a bit abrupt IMO, however the subsequent dissolves throughout the remainder of the edit were excellent!

The audio work, for the most part the audio editing was spot on. And the inclusion of "Satisfaction" worked well. The only thing I noticed, worth pointing out, is around the 37:08 mark, during the black screen, you can faintly hear the sound of a trumpet (remnants of another seen i'm assuming). I didn't notice any other problems though.

The black and white was also well executed. Sometimes people change stuff to black and white and it ends up looking crappy, this was definitely not the case here.

Lastly, one subjective thing regarding the narrative. This has nothing to do with the technical aspects of the edit, but I would have liked to have seen one other flashback of Pyle's transformation before the last flashback culminating in the murder/suicide.

Overall this edit was prettay, prettay, prettay good. While it doesn't improve on the original, it is definitely an alternate version that is worth seeing.

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