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Overview - An audacious, ballsy effort, removing one of the singular characters from a feature.
Mad Max, without Max. This cannot work. It has “fail” all over it.

Video - 1920 X 800 mov (which my system could not read, so I converted to mp4). Transitions and cuts are cleverly done. Damnit, I kept looking for Max (note, while glimpsed, he is unimportant). There are probably too many fade-to-blacks for my liking, but the editor disguises this with an ongoing audio mix that stitches scenes.

Audio - 1536 kbps LPCM 2-Channel stereo. No subs. Stereo, really? Yes, subs and stereo are my usual nitpicks, especially for high performance flicks. Eh, deal with it, loser. The sound is high octane, with no jarring flaws.

Narrative - None of the Max films are penetrating character observations, nor packed with plot nuances. A full bore action ride, one expects incoherence now and then, compensated with throat stopping stunts. There are a lot of cuts throughout, but this holds together for me. The original film is one I have watched numerous times, however. Someone viewing this cold may be puzzled by motivations.

Enjoyment - I enjoyed this. I appreciated it. I cannot believe how well Amadi pulled this off. While not an edit I would watch repeatedly (it just feels incomplete to me), the editing is a master class. In fact, I envision this editor readily finding work as a Hollywood axe-man. Whenever a star becomes a troublesome prima donna, the studio could hire Amadi the Eraser.

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