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TV-to-Movie March 25, 2019 7306
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This is an excellent follow-up to Andreas' edit of the first season of GOT. There's a lot of info to pack into one film and he's done a masterful job. He's made a lot of clever choices, like delivering key info through a few lines of dialogue rather than full-out scenes. A perfect example is the Sansa/Joffrey relationship. "Tell, don't show" is what you need to do to make something this large manageable. The length, at over 3 hours, is really pushing it, but there's not much more that could have been cut. I think you could have dropped Theon's arc entirely and still had a great 2.5 hour movie, but it's fine as is. Cutting Daenerys altogether was a smart move, but then you left her in for 2 quick shots during the montage at the end! Think those should have been cut because they raise more questions than they answer.

The picture and audio is excellent and there are none of the technical issues that were present in the first edit. Highly recommended to all. Looking forward to part 3!
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