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TV-to-Movie March 25, 2019 7305
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Very well done. Cutting the plots that don't add much, unnecessary filler etc, to make a film I find easily as entertaining as the original season, if not more.
The only negatives I can remember:
1. In the beginning, the Lannisters, the battle and Jamies' capture, seems chronologically wrong. Jamie is referred to as if he already has been captured, then the aftermath of the battle is shown, then we see Rob return with the captured Jamie.
2. Arya at Harrenhal, I would have liked to've seen more of Arya and Tywin, also the Tickler being killed by Jaquen doesn't seem happen on Arya's orders, so to speak, so why can sho force him to do her bidding later with naming himself. It just doesn't seem clear enough.
The rest, is a brilliantly condensed version of the season, keeping the most important things and skipping the unimportant things, like Dani in this Season, without anything noticebly missing. The editing also has significantly imrpoved over the season 1 edit, which already wasn't bad by any means, but it is even better in this one.
Definitely recommended.

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