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When I found this edit, I hopped on it IMMEDIATELY with the hopes that ANYTHING would allow me to think about Game of Thrones and not throw up in my mouth. I would EXTRA recommend this edit to anyone who hasn't seen seasons 7 and 8, I think it'd be a much more enjoyable experience than the originals. For people who HAVE seen, I think it is still better, but it sits in a pretty weird spot for me personally, and I think I'll still be vomiting pretty frequently, but that has nothing to do with what AlmightCutie has done here!

The editing and narrative were all really solid, I noticed a few cuts, but they weren't bad by any means, I was looking hard for them. There were also a few continuity errors introduced by the edit, but dear god was it better than what we got (tO bE hOneSt, i nEvEr rEaLlY cArEd mUcH fOr tHeM; iNnOcEnT, oR oThErWiSe.) so I didn't feel they warranted point deductions.

I was late to the Game of Thrones party, I put it off because I knew I'd enjoy it, and I didn't watch until shortly after season 7 went live. I didn't mind 7, I thought it was alright. I then re-watched to prep for season 8. Since then, I've spent the last year and a half frequenting r/Freefolk which has taken it upon itself to point out every single little error with the entire show, not only seasons 7 and 8 (99% of those errors exist in 5-8) So it's safe to say that my hatred for what Dumb and Dumber did to the show is on par with everyone else's, if not more.

This edit tried to do the impossible, and while I definitely recommend it, it didn't satisfy me. I think the damage and hatred has become too great for me. The custom voiceovers worked pretty well, but ultimately it ended up feeling like a super polished turd to me. No offense to cutie, they did their best, and again, I absolutely recommend it!

I've struggled really hard with how to rate this, as I think season 8 deserves a 0/10 (what else could you give a season that destroys the integrity of the entire rest of the show and renders it completely un-watchable?) I wish enjoyment weren't weighted so heavily, because I would probably give this a 6/10 just due to my absolute hatred for the source materials, and the fact that every scene I re-watched just made me feel the hate all over again lol. However, I greatly respect what cutie has tried to do here, and I feel it would be largely unfair for me to dunk his rating so hard simply because of (in my opinion) the impossibility of his task. So, I've decided on an 8/10, because I know that this really did redeem the final seasons for some people here, and I don't have a problem bumping my own score up a bit to honor that, given the uniqueness of the situation.

Great work cutie, I think your work really can redeem the show for people, and that's no small feat!

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(Updated: December 13, 2021) December 13, 2021
I wouldn't do anything that might make me throw up in my mouth...ewwwww... perhaps you should stick with Hobbits?
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