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There is some very impressive work in this edit, and the way the story plays out as one season works wonderfully. Technically, I saw no issues and this is a very strong work. If this had been the way the story had gone originally, I don't think there'd be as many complaints about it.

For me personally, the cracks start to show in the concept in the last few episodes. I love how the battle of King's Landing was handled, but there's a few moments that don't quite flow together right (Dany's costume change mid-flight stuck out to me right away.) Overall, that section is an improvement over the original show. There's some great effects work in the final Winterfell battle, and conceptually I like the idea of killing off some characters in that segment.

The moment in the throne room with Dany and Jon didn't quite work for me, though I like what the edit was trying to do with it. I just don't think the material was there to make that moment seem genuine.

Overall, this is definitely an improvement over the original version, and if some of those final moments could be made to work a little better, it might be the definitive version. For me, I don't know that there's a way to not make the end of this series disappointing given what we have to work with, but this is pretty close.

Great job, I enjoyed this a lot.
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