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almightycutie attempts to take Seasons 7 + 8 of GoT and turn it into one solid ending season by jettisoning all the material that didn't work. This means that much of S7 is left intact while much of S8 is cut, in particular all the bits that made previously clever and resourceful characters into plot devices. Tyrion is still smart, Sansa isn't so relentlessly bitchy, and Dany doesn't betray her core principles because she's not getting that Jon Snow D.
The key change is amazing in how well it works, so much so that it almost seems like it would be better if GRR Martin wrote it this way. AC flips the order of events to that Dany deals with her fight with Cersei first, then comes to aid the North in a final battle against the Night King. This reframing allows many characters who met certain fates to have different ones now that the Battle of Winterfell is the culmination of the story. AC does an impressive amount of additional effects-work to try to weave the structure of this together and to refocus the narrative in a believable way, and I think the majority of it works very well. I left in-depth comments on the edit's actual page:

Overall, there's nothing in this that screams "I Am a FaNEdit nOT thE ReAL thINg", so it's definitely a workable replacement for S7 and S8 of the actual show, if you're a fan. The narrative runs into some structural issues in the last few episodes though, and I think it needs a Version 2.0 to really give a satisfying ending to fans. Perhaps like the many Hobbit edits, this first GOT one will show the way and provide a platform to build off of and just get even better. It's an incredibly ambitious accomplishment, and I look forward to what AC does next!

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