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To stitch together a scene using footage taken from various episodes and, aside from obvious errors an editor can't fix, making it look like it was always that one scene - is an impressive feat.

I was lucky enough to stumble on the thread for this edit in the forum when it was just submitted. Reading through I liked the narrative idea the editor presented, so I decided to check it out even in that unapproved stage. And I was quite impressed. almightycutie managed to turn the story around, forcing it to serve his predefined vision using clever editing techniques and visual effects.

Now that I watched the released version, I was happy to see that some of my suggestions came through here. And other changes that improve upon that initial version I saw. And it works! The edit works! Yes, there are goofs and plot holes and a few places where character motivations become questionable. However, none of it kept me from enjoying the presentation. Especially since it was leagues better than what we got in the original show.

The quality of the edit is absolutely stunning for a fanedit (10/10)

The one thing I don't agree with from a narrative perspective is Jon and Dany staying lovers: I don't think they should remain lovers in the end. It just doesn't suit their characters, being in the position they are in. I would have enjoyed more to see them flying the dragons together, accepting each other as members of the Targaryen family, but not going back to being involved romantically. Maybe a plan for v2 ;)

Well Done!
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