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(Updated: August 07, 2022)
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This is my first viewing of a fan edit and I enjoyed every bit of it.

The original last season felt like a total mess in closing loose ends, but this edit manages to maintain the integrity with that of the beloved previous seasons. This edit ensures that the story doesn't feel rushed. Every decision made in this edit makes more sense than the original. There is no rush to close out anything, and the pacing feels much more drawn out especially during the battle of the White Walkers. I remembered how underwhelming the outcome of the battle with the White Walkers was for me, and also thinking how upsetting it was that it was considered less valuable than the battle at Kingslanding. This edit does not disappoint in fulfilling the expectation that I initially had before seeing the original.

I had little expectations of this, yet was blown away by how satisfying the ending was. The last two episodes was such a treat, and although it was probably the most sequentially edited piece out of all the episodes, it was such a marvel to watch.

My GOT journey feels more complete with this edit. Congratulations to almightycutie for such a phenomenal edit. I recommend any GOT fans to check this out, especially for those who fell out of love due to the last seasons.

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