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(Updated: January 19, 2023)
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When I spent a considerable amount of money on the entire 4K boxed set of Game of Thrones to watch it in one go after initially missing the boat when the series first aired, I felt blown away by the world and the characters. Unfortunately, the quality of the show came to a sharp dip when the final two seasons ground my hype to a fine powder, unraveling pretty much everything I loved about the show. I was immensely excited when I learned that my fanediting hobby converged with one of my favorite TV series, so I had to check this out. In the end, it definitely delivered.

As long as you temper your expectations for what to expect, you should have a great time watching this edit. Of course, if your expectations were already in the mud from the original handling of the show, that should be sufficient for you to appreciate an undertaking of the scope that this one has. Narratively it feels much more true to the spirit of the show, and although I have quibbles here and there about specific decisions that were made, it's hard to deny that the end product is a much better alternative all around. In particular, the rearranging of key events and character development arcs are all coherent and stronger for being arranged this way.

This is one of my favorite edits because it salvaged one of my favorite pieces of media. It's not what I would consider perfect - because one can only do so much with what one has available - but at certain points it comes damn close. It gave me a satisfying send-off, and there were several points in the narrative's development that I got legitimate goosebumps and sat in awe. Without getting into spoiler territory, certain events that happened in the new version were everything that I could have wanted from the series.

Great job all around. I'm really glad I watched this.

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