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I refuse to knock off any points because I truly believe that what AlmightyCutie made here is the best possible version of the mess that was created in the last couple seasons. My only complaint is just episode 3 has a cut that was a bit too rough not to notice of a transition to Jon at the end of it. Just a suggestion to ease into it or maybe do a shot of Jon brooding outside Dragonstone with Bran warging into him? You got that down great in all the other edits you added the warging too, it was awesome! The last episode did have some rough chops at the end, but again I'm not knocking off any points because honestly you did the best with what the source material gave you. I am a little confused about Jon's situation at the end. LOVED the change you made to THE battle in episode 6, that was masterful editing. I was actually crying toward the end of episode six because I was so happy seeing what I'd wanted from that battle, thank you for that!! You gave a much better reason for the Suicide Squad to the north pole arc than the original gave and I loved that Bran had things to do throughout the whole season.

Here's what I'll say about this, this edit sets out what the title claims; it redeems the show. No, it doesn't excuse the original ending. But with this edit, I can finally rewatch Game of Thrones and have an ending that, while not leaving me completely satisfied with all the unresolved plots created throughout the series, does bring about an ending that doesn't tarnish what came before it and has once again brought back my love for Game of Thrones. I will actually binge this show again soon and use this as the replacement for the last couple of seasons. Thank you for making me love Game of Thrones again and for giving me a second chance to watch it for the first time again without being disappointed!

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