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(Updated: April 15, 2024)
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I’m not going to repeat all the comments below, it’s been years since AC released this Fanedit so there’s no point going over old ground. I will agree though, the audio was a little wonky in places, so much so I went for Stereo instead of Dolby Digital.

So, AC’s work is faultless – It must have been a real slog to cut everything up and try to stitch it together. AC just had the given content so the change of clothes here and there must have been painful to use, but what choice did AC have? There are some scenes that chop really quickly, if it were me I’d have slowed the footage down a touch just to get that extras 2-3secs. **SPOILER ALERT** Dani in flying off in E11, slowing that down could have helped.

One thing I’d have changed, breakfast at Winterfell after party night ! Great use of Stay A Thousand Years, but there was no atmosphere. Personally I’d have added some wind, crackling fire sounds, people crying etc. It was an emotional scene but very flat with just the audio track. But I’d imagine by the time AC got to E11, there was no real creative energy left.

My biggest gripe, AC went too hard on brightening up Battle for Winterfell. For years people have moaned about that episode – I don’t get why. On my setup at home I can see it all perfectly without bumping up the brightness or contrast – AC tried SO hard that some of the winterfell buildings turned green. The original episode had me hanging off the end of my seat, I remember it perfectly – I made food and a hot drink at the beginning and by the end, the drink was cold and the food untouched. I really don’t get the ho-ha about that episode, it was the best thing I’ve ever seen on TV and probably ever will. It was perfect television.

AC went to a lot of effort with this edit, not just the chopping up but some imagery they made and special effects. The slight changes in Ramin’s music was great too, it was impressively executed.

Finally, the best part of S09 ? It’s made me fall in love with GOT again – I’ve not done a rewatch for 2-3yrs now, I just couldn’t.. but now I can and I have to thank AC for that

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