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Shorts September 10, 2016 6091
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Excellent condensation of the original story. I really enjoyed this. It probably seems simple to take a great and stylish story and whittle it down to its essence, but I imagine it takes quite a bit of skill to find the relevant parts and bring them together in a moving way, which is a testament to thecuddlyninja’s. . . well, ninja-like editing skills. The Julee Cruise song fits so well I didn’t even notice it was an addition until I rewatched parts of the original film, and now that I’ve had a chance to compare the two, I prefer the ninja's replacement track.

The only nitpick I can offer is that the intro audio could have been suppressed during the mention of the scorpion and the frog.

I watched the SD version, which upscaled so nicely on my terebi that I couldn’t tell it was SD.

Nice work, ninja!
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