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Extended Edition December 02, 2023 1571
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First off, this edit is a straight up extended cut. It doesn't play around with the original timeline, just adds any and all extended or alternate scenes, no matter what. For instance, this has an alternate actress reading the same lines during the World of the Psychic scene. It's no necessarily better than the original, but it's swapped out in this edit because it's an available alternate scene. This could be a negative for some, but I found it to be a very cool experience. it seems familiar, but not. This movie is one of my favorites from when I was a kid and I've probably rented and seen the vhs 100 times. For the most part it's pretty seamless except when it's footage from the workprint, which Bobson really did a good job to clean up. There's a couple moments where the audio levels don't match or a hard cut into an inserted scene. If there's really any negatives those would be it, but honestly it's really a great job with the edit. In the end, these scenes were all deleted for a reason, but this was a fun way to experience material that in all respects would make a bad movie worse. Killing ghosts with positive vibes man! Thank you Bobson Dugnutt! It was a really fun watch, especially for a big fan of the first two movies such as myself.

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