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All thanks must go to Bobson for yet another fine extended edition. I am one of the few who don't think this movie needs any fixing, as I enjoyed it greatly in the theatrical version. (General thoughts on watching this in the year of the beast, 2020, are here: And more is not always better, as often deleted scenes didn't make the cut for good reasons. Here however, Bobson's additions or changes actually greatly improve the movie. Mostly, they just make it funnier and flesh out the characters a bit, but one key addition in the beginning makes the whole film better. It's a scene that addresses the convenience of a 2nd ghostly event happening to Dana, and it's just a few lines but the fact that they give a suitably Ghostbustersy pseudoscience explanation allows you to enjoy the rest of the film and not worry about it.

There's also a scene that admittedly was added more for fans of the cartoon or kids with the toys, but it's also a nice callback to the first film. While the finished effects on the ghost Slimer don't look awesome, they also don't look horrible. Bobson has completed the scene well enough that it doesn't stick out of the film, and it's a welcome addition. I could quibble about the added scenes as several of them do have a noticeable jump in the level of where characters are positioned (they move up or down a couple inches from shot to shot). I'm not sure if this is due to the source being a different aspect ratio or what, but it does slightly break the immersion. However, the audio is added in wonderfully and overall the integration works well.

The biggest complaint I have really is just that the fanedit title is too deep and serious for this film! lol I would've gone with one of the funnier quotes like "The All New Cheap Moves Edition" or "The Stop Cutting Edition" or even "There's Always Room for Jell-O! Edition". Or for a different feel: "The Do-Re-Egon Memorial Edition". Anyway, it's a great edit that everyone should have fun watching. Thanks again, Bobson.

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