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Loved Ghostbusters. Really enjoyed Ghostbusters 2, but to be honest, it hasn't aged as well as the first one. When I heard another sequel was in the works I was very excited, then I watched it...

It's not a secret that the 3rd installment was almost universally panned by critics and viewers alike. When I saw TM2YC had taken up the gauntlet to "fix" this movie I was intrigued. I see lots of different of reasonings for edits. Some are reinterpretations of already loved movies. Some are attempts to fix films that are perceived as having so much potential, and through editing, finding the diamond hidden in the coal. This film is perceived as just coal, no diamond inside, not even "fool's gold", just a bad movie. Could a good movie be in there somewhere?

After watching this I can't say there was a diamond hidden, but there is a really good movie. Removing the majority of the impromptu jokes and one-liners which are scattered EVERYWHERE in the movie has left a good movie. One-liners are fun in MODERATION. Making an entire movie around them is just so exhausting for the viewer. Kind of like special effects. Good special effects can make a good movie great, or even make a great movie unforgettable, but a story just built around endless special effects is just lazy cinema (see Godzilla (1998)).

When people say Ghostbusters 3 is bad I always bring up this edit and how it really improved the experience. If I were to watch Ghostbusters 3 again, this is the only version I would watch. If you like the franchise, watch this, at least once, so you can see what this movie should have been.

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