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Ghostbusters (2016) wasn't a horrible movie when I first saw it in theatre many years ago. I started to dislike it little by little as years went by, but nowadays I think the movie is just extremely fine. It's nothing special or unique, it's the worst Ghostbusters movie and it did leave a bad impact on the franchise on many people's hearts.
But when I found out that TM2YC made a edit of the movie that removes many bad improv jokes and scenes from the extended version of the movie, I decided to finally watch it. Was it good?

In shorter terms, it was. It did fix the pacing of the movie, it did remove the cringey scenes and dialogue and left the best parts that did work and enhanced them. This edit doesn't fix everything, though. The story is still kind of simple, but I can forgive that because Ghostbusters movies don't focus a lot on the narrative. I recommend this edit to those who want a lot better version of the movie and also to those who want to give Ghostbusters (2016) a second chance.

Well done, TM2YC! You edited this movie to be best it could be!

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