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The day I saw this edit posted on IFDB was the day I reluctantly bought a copy of Ghostbusters 2016. I have not seen the original film because of the negative reviews and bad word-of-mouth it was receiving, and so I lost interest. When I saw that TM2YC had cut this thing up, I said "Alright, let's get that official movie, put it on my shelf forever, and watch this edit!"

They say that the best cuts are the ones you don't notice. I can probably list about five cuts I noticed based on audio quality or just an odd cut where something felt out of place. So imagine my surprise when I looked at the extensive cut-list: Hundreds of cuts went by completely unnoticed. This fanedit is near-perfectly cut together, and I was often asking myself why this version wasn't released in theaters. Is this the funniest Ghostbusters? Not by a long shot. But TM2YC put together a solid comedy that got some genuine laughs out of me. At no point was I frustrated or angry at the edit (which is what I've been hearing about the theatrical cut). Except for Chris Hemsworth, but to be fair, there was seemingly no way to shut him up.

That all said, the flaws of this edit (as with many great edits) come from the source material. This movie kind of degrades into a generic superhero-like plot that really does nothing interesting. But! I liked the main characters and wasn't annoyed with them at all! Which, again, is something I was expecting. So, because I liked those characters, I was okay with a sort of mundane plot.

This cut won't have you dying of laughter, as with the original Ghostbusters. And most of the humor doesn't hold up to the first half of Ghostbusters II (It has an amazing first half, watch it again and you'll remember how funny it is. Stop watching as soon as they get they put on the Ghostbusters suits). But you know what? This edit is as good a blockbuster "appeal to all audiences" comedy can get. It's got some great stuff in it, and I was pleasantly surprised. After reading the enormous cut-list, I think it's safe to say that this movie has been saved. Seriously, some of the stuff in that cut-list was downright scary...

A fantastic cut that I'll reccomend to anyone morbidly curious about Ghostbusters 2016. TM2YC has answered the call with GHOSTBUSTERS III!

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