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(Updated: January 08, 2022)
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When a fan editor proposes taking on the monumental job of not just creating a chronological version of The Godfather movies but also proposes to restore and extend said movies with every last known frame in existence committed to film, one has to wonder... how sane is that individual?

Let me assure you, this fan editor is quite sane and arguably one the finest editor's this website has ever seen. How can I make a claim like that? Well let me tell you.

I've followed the thread in the forums detailing the process that the fan editor known as "Wraith" took on over the past two years and after seeing the results, I'm practically speechless. The absolutely insane amount of thought, planning, searching, reviewing, effort, time, and work that has gone towards creating this fan edit is unbelievable! When you look at the incredible amount of detail that is in every single frame of this fan edit, you can see this fan edit is a true labor of love.

Given the countless versions that exist on VHS, Laserdisc, DVD, Blu-ray and many other forms of media spread across different countries around the world, not to mention the different editions produced for television, it's unthinkable how this fan editor was not only able to track down all the various sources but was also able to correlate all this material so that a master reel of frames could be established to create the longest version of this film for reference in creating this masterpiece of engineering. It boggles the mind how he was able to make time to work on this behemoth over the past two years to create this seminal work.

After sitting down to watch "The Godfather: Don Vito's Opus", I can say without a doubt that this is the best The Godfather has ever looked and probably ever will look. Francis Ford Coppola should be so lucky to have this gentleman as his collaborator. This is the seminal version of The Godfather and should be released to the public so that they could see what it could have been with the right amount of time, money, and support to do the job right. It's nothing short of phenomenal and I doubt anything anyone else will attempt will ever top this fan edit.

This movie belong in every Godfather fan's collection. Do yourself a favor and get it as soon as you can.

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