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(Updated: July 18, 2023)
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Grade A for effort and execution, but i would have structured the edits differently. Ending vitos opus with vitos death and beginning michaels with the funeral. Beside that, i understand the reason for wanting to include the deleted scenes, but there was also a reason why Coppola cut them out to improve the flow. Aftet seeing this i would prefer a chronological version without the extra scenes.
Still a job well done and interesting to watch for a longtime fan of the films.

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Owner's reply July 19, 2023

A tad harsh I'd say given that what you seek is there in its running order, just not with the break where you would prefer.

Thank you for watching nvevertheless.

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July 18, 2023
Are you able to provide more detail to support your A/V, Audio, and Video ratings? I haven't seen this edit, and your scores seem fair, but I would value knowing why you've bumped those numbers down a little bit. Thanks.
July 18, 2023
I have seen this edit and don't understand the reasoning behind some of the low scores. You seem to have enjoyed the edit and are very flattering of the effort. I guess I'm confused. Thanks for taking the time to review in any case.
July 19, 2023
I'm pleased you "appear" to have enjoyed this but bemused that a break point issue leads to such a low enjoyment and narrative score. The reason the deleted material was cut was not quality ( as is often the case), but run time (and this is well documented). Nevertheless, thank you for the review.
July 19, 2023
I lowered my score for a/v quality because i saw the saga cut by avid4d.
His version seemed clearer and brighter, i beleive he used ai upscaling. As far as the deleted scenes go i dont think running time was the major issue even back than. There are quite a few redundant scenes for example Fannucci gets attacked by three thugs as witnessed by vito, he seems to have been stabbed in the back, a scene later genco tells vito of this situation and vito pretends not to know anything. A short time later we see Fannucci and he is fine. I find this quite strange and it makes Fannucci less menacing. There there is the whole horse head scene the it is sandwiched in, in this version makes it far less impact full. But like i said i acknowledge the effort and i enjoyed the cuts, there were just always this moments that threw me off. Thats why the narrative didnt work for me so well.
4 results - showing 1 - 4