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I was a big fan of ssj's Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon "Tiger Lily" Edit. So when he announced he was tackling another edit my ears perked up. The trailer hooked me.

The edit. Props to ssj for basically writing a new script for a movie. I can't imagine the amount of time and effort that went into creating all these subtitles (I still need to rewatch with the audio commentary).

Picture quality looked good to my untrained eye. Audio editing was seamless.

Narrative was good. I like ssj's sense of humor but humor is subjective (obviously) and some people might not care for it. On top of that ssj deals with the delicate subject of religion. If you're easily offended, be warned..this edit is probably not for you. ssj delivers comedy in one hand while dishing out criticism and pointing out the hypocrisy of religion.

Where ssj's real talent shines is in the "phonetic transliterations" (not really sure what else to call it - kind of like the reverse of Bad Lip Reading). He incorporated these into his Crouching Tiger edit and they show up again in Godsmacked.

Thanks for this edit ssj! This is the only way I will ever revisit The Passion.

Rating: three out of three *insert something funny here*

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