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I saw Godzilla: KOTM in theaters and have spent the subsequent years trying to erase most of the Human parts of this movie from my brain (haven't seen it since). I wanted to see a modern Hollywood Blockbuster version of Godzilla monsters all fighting each other. While I absolutely got what I wanted on that front, I also got a super cliché story about a 14 year old girl in a tug of war between her mommy and daddy, complete with horrible dialogue and cheesy one liners.

INIGHTMARES has remedied 90% of that, plain and simple, and I for one am grateful for it!

While I didn't watch this as critically as I've watched other edits, I did read the cutlist, and I watched and listened for big errors. I am happy to report that didn't notice a single one, even when I was looking specifically for a cut!

A fine job here my friend. I will forever pretend that THIS was the movie I saw in theaters, and will remember it as such :) in fact.....was it?

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Owner's reply February 20, 2022

Thanks for the honest and thoughtful review Stromboli!

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February 11, 2022
That's awesome!
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