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As a Godzilla fan from childhood, watching the Saturday afternoon movies on tv in the 70s/80s, I have found that G fans all like certain aspects of the many films. The campy, the serious, the somewhere in between. I myself like the ones that no matter how outrageous the ideas, they still try and play the film as serious and believable. Favorite of mine from way back is Monster Zero.

So with this edit, having enjoyed the film in the theater, INIGHTMARES put together an edit that removed the forced humor that became an outright annoyance to me and drew me out of the film. (the most from one character in particular) But more than just removing humor, in so many little ways it tightens the movie down to a serious take on gigantic monsters!

Watching an edit as a viewer I become more hyper aware if it is a film I already know well. Looking for the subtle ways the editor adjusted aspects of the film. My only critique would be a couple places where I felt the transition from new music felt off to me. BUT... that is only because I am watching and listening so intently. If just watching as a movie and not having the back of my mind trying to figure out each change, I probably would not have noticed. So definitely not something I would suggest be changed. I also appreciate when watching and actively thinking of the edit, it allows me to see the film again through different eyes... and I was reminded how beautiful the monsters/kaiju/titans/stompy-people-squishing creatures were rendered. I know that is credit to the original filmmakers, but INIGHTMARES let me re-appreciate it.

An excellent edit, and to be a first edit, I am highly impressed! And highly appreciative for sharing with us. Will be watching again.

Now... Could Godzilla vs Kong meet a similar dramatic take?

Owner's reply February 20, 2022

Thanks for your review. Greatly appreciate it! I'm glad you were able to enjoy it while still knowing the source material so well. And Godzilla v Kong is something that's been on my mind as a contender for another edit in my future. Thanks again!

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