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I really enjoyed this just as much as enjoyed the original for many reasons but the greatest improvement that this fan edit made it better is that he tone down and finally made that annoying Martin Scorcese look-a-like comic relief character actually tolerable. While I can tolerate Thomas Middleditch it could just be that I recognize and like him better and at least he didn't kill the mood like the other guy did who always tries to make a joke every time he talks which is just as much irritating as he looks even in real life apparently. So that was honestly my only real problem in the movie but the rest of the flaws that were fixed were forgivable but much appreciated nonetheless. Other than that the other best thing is getting rid of scenes that were obvious ideas from a Hollywood producer intervening in the movie production like the human villain exchanging funny faces with the daughter after massacring scientists in Antarctica, or the parents bickering whose the bad parent while searching for said daughter in the middle of a monster fight even it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the best place for her to hide in their own home.
My only complaint is the obvious awkward transitions from not just adding new music in the movie but also removing any comedy in the middle of conversations and moments which make the edits look more forced than natural at times, unfortunately. For music the tense music straight from the Dark Knight at the Mexican standoff at the antarctic just ended abruptly and either the music should have just faded out instead of being cut off or have the music ends when the dad finally caught up to the villain. For scenes, there were awkward cut-offs between scenes of the dad and Middleditch's character where the joke is that he clearly hates the guy which I understand why that should have been removed but honestly, I would have preferred editing it in a way that the dad warms up to him as the movies progress or just left it alone since it is a popcorn movie and comic relief character or jokes are inevitable sadly.
Overall a fun movie and I hope you work on the other Godzilla movies too.

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