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Let me preface this by saying that I'm a fan of the original theatrical release. However, it's not the kind of movie that I'd rewatch, nor did I have any intentions of rewatching it. The buildup is too slow and the payoff, while satisfying, is too brief for me to want to watch it more than once. Of course I make an exception for fanedits, and I was not disappointed. I think this is closer to the movie that people were expecting based on the trailers.

It moves at a nice clip, with less bloat and unnecessary stuff. I really like how neatly Aaron Taylor Johnson's character was cut from the majority of the movie. I very much appreciate that the human drama was toned down from the original movie, I think just about everyone agrees that was the worst part of the film. In terms of cut quality, I only noticed one sharp/awkward cut, where originally the scientist fellow (I don't remember his name :P) pointed to Bryan Cranston's character when asked what people he needed. I don't think there was much else the editor could do, it was either make the sharp cut or leave in that fake drama, and I'm personally glad ranger613 chose the former.

The audio/visual quality is fantastic, I watched it at 1080p and didn't notice any visual artifacts or audio stuttering.

Despite all that, I can't give it a perfect 10 in terms of enjoyment, because I feel like there's more that can be done. I'd elaborate, but I can't place what it is. It's a fantastic edit to be sure, but I wouldn't quite call it the definitive cut of Godzilla. In the meantime though, this is the version I recommend.

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