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I was watching my mate on twitch the other night and we got to discussing goonies and we decided to give it a watch! But rather than chuck my copy in, I suggested this edit, and I am SO glad I did!!

We were both howling with laughter, because lets face it, The Goonies is an ultimate CLASSIC! But it was so good to see the restored content! As soon as something was new I was able to pin point it due to watching the Blu Ray version regularly! And it was really enjoyable watching scenes that I had never even seen before. Always baffles me when they add cut material into different TV versions!

I loved this edit from start to finish, the video editing is brilliant, there really is only one scene that has a degrade in quality, but its edited in so well, it makes no difference really. The audio, I don't know if it was just me, but certain parts seemed to be louder than others and I had to turn it up, then turn it back down again. Either way it wasn't too distracting.

This will now be my go to version of the film, nothing felt out of place or that it should be cut. Well.... maybe the dancing octopus... but... who doesn't love a dancing octopus? I'd have definitely put it back in, just adds that extra bit of zany to an already WHACKY movie!

Loved it! Thanks again Bobson for a top notch edit!

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